Dr. Yaldo Is One Of The First Doctors To Perform Newly Approved Topography-Guided LASIK!

Dr. Yaldo of Yaldo Eye Center is one of the first to perform the new FDA approved topography-guided LASIK procedure, introducing a new generation of laser technology designed to be far more precise and with fewer night vision side effects than even the most advanced wavefront-guided LASIK. This procedure is designed to produce super-normal vision!


Our offices are conveniently located in Southeastern Michigan and metropolitan San Diego.

Farmington Hills, MI
28501 Orchard Lake Rd
Farmington Hills,MI
(248) 553-9800

Garden City, MI
31535 Ford Road
Garden City,MI
(313) 278-4540

San Diego, CA
2810 Camino Del Rio South
Suite: 106
San Diego, CA
(619) 255-6584

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