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Multifocal lens implants: no more reading glasses – Ever!


By Eli Zaret, Yaldo Eye Center Spokesperson

I’m still waiting for somebody to tell me, “Oh, I love my reading glasses!” And since virtually everyone aged 45 or older has issues with close vision, reading glasses are a part of life that must be dealt with. It’s called Presbyopia, the inability to see objects up close.


Such as:

  • Cell phone
  • Menu
  • Newspaper
  • Pill bottle instructions

What solving Presbyopia comes down to is, “Pick your poison.”

The choices are:

  • Progressive glasses
  • Bifocal contacts
  • Reading glasses

Or, the Rolls Royce solution: Multifocal lens implants.

The first-generation multifocal lens implant was introduced in 1996. Until then, when a patient replaced his cataract damaged lenses with single focal point implanted lenses, the near vision problem remained. But in the last few years, multifocal lens technology has improved so dramatically that it’s now the choice of pre-cataract patients also.

To qualify, you must be about 50 or older.

The reasons why this is such a remarkable solution, is that glasses and contacts don’t solve your vision issues. They are a band-aid, and when you take the band-aid off you can’t see.

Multifocal implants are with you 24-hours a day for the rest of your life.

Recently, Dave, 49 years old, wanted to be done with his progressive glasses and got multifocal implants in both eyes, and wrote: “I left Yaldo’s at 2:30 today; I came home and napped, as instructed. Now it’s 6:30 and I’m typing this on my phone without my glasses – something I couldn’t have done in the last 8 years! I’d be happy to provide firsthand, unpaid testimony of the experience.”

Thanks, Dave. You just did!

Dr. Yaldo corrects both your nearsightedness or farsightedness by replacing your natural lenses with what amounts to a new focusing system that allows you to see near, intermediate and far images in both eyes without glasses or contacts. Your vision becomes stable and is unlikely to change over time.

Multifocal Lens Implant surgery is painless. Anesthetic drops numb the eye and an IV delivers medication to keep you relaxed. In most cases, both eyes are done on the same day. In some cases, based upon medical history and other factors, the second eye is done a week after the first eye. Dr. Yaldo will recommend the right course of treatment for you.

Who is NOT a Lasik Candidate

By Eli Zaret, Yaldo Eye Center Spokesman

The Yaldo Eye Center offers free evaluations to determine a patient’s candidacy to receive Lasik surgery. The other good news (besides the fact that the evaluation is free!) is that well over 90% of those who seek Lasik at the Yaldo Eye Center are determined to be good candidates.

One of the reasons that Dr. Yaldo is Michigan’s leading Lasik surgeon, with over 30,000 procedures performed, is that he will only operate on those who is he 100% assured will be nothing short of overjoyed with the results.

So, what disqualifies me?

  1. Being younger than 18: Vision issues rarely stabilize before adulthood
  2. Pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth can affect visual acuity
  3. Thin corneas: There needs to be sufficient thickness of the cornea
  4. Acute astigmatism: An extreme asymmetrical, conical shape of the cornea
  5. High hyperopia: Extremely high prescription for seeing distant objects

The good news here is that except for pregnancy and being underage, Dr. Yaldo has had great results with high prescription candidates. Clarence Day, known to his Channel 955 listeners as “Stick” had a +7 prescription and was helpless to see without glasses and contacts. But all his other factors were perfect and he walked away with 20-15 vision and has been thrilled about it ever since.

Other factors:

  • Scarring from an eye injury
  • Cataracts
  • Detached retina
  • Glaucoma
  • Extremely dry eyes

Let’s not forget the bottom line: If you’re not aware of having any of the above issues, then it’s up to a 99% certainty that you will enjoy a successful, life-changing Lasik experience. And it’s so easy to find out. Call 1-800-398-EYES or go to yaldoeyecenter.com and sign up for your free evaluation.

Lasik is a modern medical miracle, freeing millions of people from the need for glasses, reading glasses and contacts and, at the same time, enjoying better vision without those devices than they ever did with them!

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