Can ICL removal be risky?


Can ICL removal be risky?

ICL removal is a fairly straightforward, low –risk procedure which take about 10-15 minutes. The most important thing for you to determine now is whether the ICL is causing your difficulties, and if removing it will solve them. This is something that you and your surgeon MUST figure out before going through the removal. It would be unfortunate to remove the ICLs only to continue to have the same problems. Also, do you have ICLs in both eyes? If so, you will probably need to have both removed; otherwise, wearing glasses afterwards will be nearly impossible because of the huge difference in prescriptions between the two eyes. Of course, you could wear a contact lens, if you were wearing contacts successfully pre-ICL surgery. It is very unusual, almost unheard of, for an ICL implant to cause pain. I’d strongly encourage you to have a thorough exam and discussion either with your ICL surgeon, or with another local surgeon (one well-experience with ICLs) for a second opinion before you have the ICLs removed.