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Custom Wave Front Lasik

The pattern of visual imperfections in your eye is as unique to you as your own fingerprint.

Wavefront or Custom LASIK is one of the most advanced types of laser vision correction available. Sophisticated instruments are used to map the optics of your visual system, and this data is used to custom-program the laser used for LASIK. The risk of night side effects is reduced, and in many cases patients will achieve better vision without glasses than they had with glasses or contacts. Not everyone is a candidate for Wavefront LASIK. Contact our office now and see if this technology is right for you.

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First Use of Newly Approved Topography-Guided LASIK in San Diego Performed by Dr. Yaldo.

June 7th, 2014 - San Diego, CA - Dr. Yaldo of Yaldo Eye Center has performed the first FDA approved topography-guided LASIK procedure in San Diego, introducing a new generation of laser technology designed to be far more precise and with fewer night vision side effects than even the most advanced wavefront-guided LASIK!

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Dr. Yaldo Selected LASIK Surgeon of The Year Three Years In A Row.
2011, 2012, 2013, by the Consumers Research Council of America.


Wave Front

You can reach the full potential of your vision, seeing better than you ever have with either eyeglasses or contact lenses with the Custom Wave Front upgrade.



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