Eye Muscle Imbalance

Strabismus Treatment Options

Treatment options for strabismus are determined in an individual basis. Your eye surgeon at Yaldo Eye Center would be happy to discuss all the alternatives available to you.

What is Eye Muscle Imbalance?

Strabismus is an imbalance in the muscles of the eye that causes a horizontal or vertical misalignment. It stops the eyes from simultaneously focusing on one object, so two conflicting images are sent to the brain at the same time. Normally, both eyes focus on the same object and transmit only one image to the brain.

A total of six muscles attach to and move the eye, and the various types of strabismus relate to the different muscles involved. For instance, Esotropia is the name for crossed eyes. Hypertropia is the term for eyes with vertical muscle imbalance.
An infant or youngster with strabismus may learn to ignore or suppress the image seen by the misaligned eye. The normal eye becomes dominant, while the misaligned eye develops reduced vision from lack of use. This loss of vision in one eye is called amblyopia, and approximately 50% of children with strabismus develop amblyopia. Amblyopia may also occur if vision is significantly different from one eye to the other.

Treatment of Eye Muscle Imbalance

Common treatment options for strabismus include patching the stronger eye, eye exercises, medicated eye drops, eyeglasses and muscle surgery. Research has documented that 75% of patients with strabismus are corrected in one surgery, 90% with two surgeries and 98% with three surgeries. Muscle surgery can be performed on patients all the way through adulthood. The procedure is generally done at Yaldo Eye Center’s on-site outpatient surgical facility.

Treatment options for strabismus are determined on an individualized basis. Your vision experts at Yaldo Eye Center will provide a thorough evaluation and discuss all the alternatives available to you.

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