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Eyelid Conditions

– Treating Eyelid Conditions

The Doctors at Yaldo Eye Center will assess your eyelid conditions to determine an individualized treatment plan that is right for you.

There are three categories of eyelid conditions:


  • A relatively common eye disorder in both children and adults
  • Symptoms include burning, itching, redness and swelling of the eyelids; irritation, dry eye, tearing and crusty debris around the lash line (especially after sleep)
  • Causes of blepharitis include bacteria and allergies. A special eyelid cleaning regime and — in severe cases — antibiotics can help manage this chronic condition.


  • An inflammation or infection of the eyelid, usually resulting from a blocked oil-producing gland at the base of an eye lash
  • May cause light sensitivity, tearing and the feeling of a foreign body in the eye. Localized pain and discomfort is to be expected as the stye comes to a head
  • Warm compresses often help resolve a stye
  • One should never force a stye to drain because it could result in an eye infection.
  • If styes are a repeating issue, regular application of an antibiotic might be prescribed.


  • A painless lump on the eyelid typically – but not necessarily -caused by a stye that becomes infected and grows
  • It can press on the eye and cause blurred vision
  • Warm compresses and eyelid massage can help the chalazion drain
  • An in-office procedure or corticosteroid injections atcan clear the contents of the chalazion.


Treatment for Eyelid Conditions

Different eyelid conditions require different treatments. The vision experts at Yaldo Eye Center can help diagnosis your eyelid condition and recommend a treatment based on that diagnosis.


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