Lasik Enhancement

Touch Up Lasik Treatments

At Yaldo Eye Center, our eye surgeons' experience and skill, combined with access to state-of-art equipment, produces and tracks outcomes that exceed industry averages.

Our skilled and experienced eye surgeons in Michigan utilize state-of-art equipment to produce the most precise, consistent surgical results to eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. With a history of over 20,000 of Lasik and Lasek procedures, the Yaldo Eye Center maintains one of the lowest enhancement rates in the area.

Advanced Vision Correction is a highly predictable science. However, depending on the a patient’s severity of correction and other natural factors, minor differences in patient’s outcomes are unavoidable. Occasionally, an enhancement is required.

By the same token, it’s critical to determine whether a patient is completely healed before moving forward with an enhancement treatment and this period can encompass several months.

The Yaldo Eye Center is passionate about changing the way you see the world. Our surgeons will give you all the information you require to determine which procedure serves you best and to then enjoy a comfortable experience with a quick recovery.

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