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LASIK is FDA approved and considered safe, but there are possible side effects.

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Potential Side Effects of LASIK?

Certain side effects are normal after undergoing LASIK, as they are part of the healing process.

Fortunately, side effects and complications with LASIK and other refractive surgical procedures are rare. When they do occur, they can often, but not always, be treated. Some of the more common side effects are dry eye, and night side effects like glare and halos around lights. At a comprehensive preoperative consultation, not only can we determine who might have a higher risk of certain complications with these procedures, but we can also help select the type of procedure for you which will carry with it the lowest risk of side effects and complications for your particular case.

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First Use of Newly Approved Topography-Guided LASIK in San Diego Performed by Dr. Yaldo.

June 7th, 2014 - San Diego, CA - Dr. Yaldo of Yaldo Eye Center has performed the first FDA approved topography-guided LASIK procedure in San Diego, introducing a new generation of laser technology designed to be far more precise and with fewer night vision side effects than even the most advanced wavefront-guided LASIK!

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Dr. Yaldo Selected LASIK Surgeon of The Year Three Years In A Row.
2011, 2012, 2013, by the Consumers Research Council of America.


Side Effects

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