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With over 15,000 satisfied patients renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shoib A. Myint, performs this procedure using a fine cutting laser which leaves less bruising and swelling after surgery!

Eyelid surgery, also known as a “blepharoplasty,” is designed to help treat tired, drooping eyelids by removing loose skin and fat deposits from the upper and lower eyelid areas. Ideal candidates for eyelid surgery are in good emotional and physical health and have realistic expectations for their surgery.

Eyes are a prominent facial feature. It is the surrounding skin, rather than the eyes themselves, that conveys emotion. The tissue, muscle, fat, hair and lashes all contribute to the wide array of expressions. Age, sun exposure and hereditary factors all contribute to wrinkles, deep lines and puffiness around the eyes.

Physician Recommendations

"I trust Dr. Myint with my most challenging oculoplastic referrals, he is an expert in his field, and has a masterful touch in treating the eye area. I am confident that my patients will have the best results in his hands."

Julie Edween DO, FACS, FAOCO, Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Beverly Hills

"When my patients want another professional opinion, Dr Myint is always my first choice. He has continued to be among the most prominent ophthalmic plastic surgeons in this country."

Brian Brazzo, MD, Oculoplastic Surgeon

Lisa M.

“He has a gentle hand, a kind heart, a wonderful staff and I look forward to all that they can teach me in years to come.”

Richard T.

“I am grateful for your care, patience, kindness, and concern. You listened to me, not only with your ears, but with your eyes, heart, and your mind as well.”

Blanca G.

“If there is anyone out there looking for a great facial plastic surgeon, please consider Dr. Myint! He treats you with as a patient should be treated…with respect and patience.”

Kathie M.

“You have allowed me to feel that I was not just another number, but that you have a genuine concern for me and my care.”