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Myopia – Which Surgery Should I Consider?

I am 19 years old. I have -9 and -11 nearsightedness. Corneal thickness is 510 and 508. Which eye surgery should I consider?

Your prescription is high, and your corneas are thinner than normal. If your corneal topography is at all abnormal, I would NOT consider any laser treatment such as LASIK or PRK (LASEK); rather, I would consider the ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) procedure, which is extremely effective at correcting large amounts of myopia. If your corneal topography is perfectly normal, you could consider a corneal laser refractive surgery such as LASIK or PRK. If you choose LASIK, I would recommend the all-laser approach with a thin flap in order to conserve corneal bed thickness.

Different surgeons might have different recommendations for you regarding the various procedures. There’s no absolute right or wrong answer in your case as far as which is the best way to go. In my opinion, the ICL would give you the best vision with the lowest risk of any side effects or complications.


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Are You a Lasik Candidate?

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