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Proper Pre-operative procedures for Visian ICL?


I’ve noticed that some doctors perform the iridotomy a few days or a week prior to the ICL implantation, but my doctor wants to do it on the same day. I also see that dome doctors prescribe antibiotic drops to be taken a day prior to the surgery; mine didn’t. Some recommend no make-up etc. for several days prior. My instructions were only: don’t wear contacts and don’t put any lotion, etc. on the day of the procedure. Also, my doctor wants to do both eyes on the same day. Should I be concerned?


There is no absolute right or wrong way to handle some of the issues you raise regarding Visian ICL.  Some physicians will perform iridotomies in advance and some at the time of ICL implantation.  Similarly, some pretreat with antibiotics and some don’t.  Nearly all will advise against makeup on the day of surgery and some for a few days even before that.  Some will do the two eyes separately and some will perform bilateral implantation.  If your surgeon is well trained, experienced with ICL, and you are comfortable with him/her, you should not be concerned.

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