Same Day Lasik Eye Surgery

Enjoy the miracle of Lasik with “Same Day Lasik” from the Yaldo Eye Center!

Dr. Yaldo now offers the convenience of Same Day Lasik in Detroit, Michigan. So, when you schedule your Lasik exam, tell us that you’d also like to consider Same Day Lasik. If you are indeed a Lasik candidate, as most people are, you can get your surgery immediately or return for it later in the day.

You’ll then be able to resume normal visual activities within about 24 hours, including driving, working, reading, and watching computer and TV screens.

When you tell us you’d like to consider Same Day Lasik, we’ll let you know what you’ll need, such as someone to drive you home.

The Lasik process comprises a consultation, an exam and then the procedure. If, like millions of others, you’re excited to see as well as ever without glasses or contacts, why waste time?

Same Day Lasik may be the answer for you!

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