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Still experiencing burning, blurriness and dryness after PRK


From trying to rinse my face with ONLY water, even the slight fingers going over my eyes hurts. I cannot wear any make-up without crying from it burning my eyes. I am freaking out and feel like my vision is getting worse. I have to use gel drops at night and drops during the day. Is there hope? Will this go away? Are my eyes still healing?


It is likely that the burning and blurriness you are experiencing is from dryness, which is a frequent side effect of LASIK and PRK (more common with LASIK, actually).  Fortunately, it is usually temporary, though it can last several months as the eyes heal, and can be quite annoying.  Frequent use of tears and night lubricating gels/ointments are very helpful.  For severe cases, punctum plugs and/or Restasis eyedrops can be used.  Although possible, it is very uncommon for the dryness to be permanent following PRK.

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