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All Laser LASIK

– Intralase and Ziemer Lasik Options

With Intralase and Ziemer Lasik, the flap is created entirely by laser for more consistent and accurate results than possible with microkeratome.

Like traditional Lasik, all Laser is a simple, outpatient procedure that can correct most prescriptions whether a patient is nearsighted, farsighted or has astigmatism. It’s designed to free the patient from the constraints of glasses and contacts as well the cost and inconvenience of both.

The primary differences from conventional Lasik are:

  • In all Laser Lasik, the flap, the first step of lasik, is accomplished with a laser, not the mirokeratome or the blade. A lasik candidate is also a candidate for all Laser Lasik. All Laser Lasik is often used to treat patients with thin corneas and certain other conditions.
  • An IntraLase® FS Laser or Ziemer® Laser, not a microkeratome cuts the flap
  • Another computer-controlled laser reshapes the cornea with micron-level accuracy

This highly precise technology has been approved for military pilots and astronauts.

Discuss all the advantages of All Laser Lasik with your vision experts at Yaldo Eye Center during your free Advanced Vision Correction Evaluation.

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