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CATz and Custom Lasik

– Custom Wave Front Lasik Treatment

You can reach the full potential of your vision (20/15 or even 20/10), seeing better that you ever have with either eyeglasses or contact lenses with the Custom/Wavefront upgrade.

Most technologically advanced lasik produces “Supervision” – better than 20-20!

Custom Lasik with Wavefront Technology:

The majority of Lasik candidates are ideally suited for conventional or all Laser Lasik. But those desiring the most advanced vision correction available; or those with evaluation results requiring a more precise procedure, Custom Wave Front Technology may be best for you:

  • Visual imperfections are measured at 200 individual points on the eye
  • Each of the 200 points can be treated individually and precisely
  • Vision may exceed 20/20 and be sharper than it ever was with contacts or glasses
  • This advanced vision clarity, better than 20/20 is referred to as “Supervision.”

 Topography Guided Lasik (known as CATz: Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone):

The pattern of visual imperfections in your eye is as unique to you as your own fingerprint. And thanks to remarkable new Lasik technology, those seeking state-of-the-art procedures can achieve vision correction that actually exceeds the previously accepted definition of “Perfect 20-20 vision.”

In June 2014, Dr. Yaldo of Yaldo Eye Center was one of the first to perform the new FDA approved topography-guided LASIK procedure, introducing a new generation of laser technology designed to be far more precise and with fewer night vision side effects than even the most advanced Wavefront-guided LASIK.

Dr. Yaldo is the only eye surgeon in S.E. Michigan performing CATz, a state of the art procedure and the most precise LASIK ever. Only a small number of surgeons in the U.S. are currently trained and certified to offer topography-guided LASIK, or CATz:

  • Visual imperfections are measured at 7000 individual points on the eye
  • Creates a topographic map of the cornea that shows even the most subtle distortions
  • 50% of CATz patients achieve “Supervision” or better than 20/20

“CATz is by far the most precise LASIK technology available, and it represents a huge leap forward,” notes Dr. Yaldo. “I am proud to have played a role in its development over the past several years. I’m also delighted to be one of the first surgeons in the nation to offer what is now the new gold standard for LASIK.”

CATz treats patients with nearsightedness and astigmatism (blurry or distorted vision caused by irregular curvature of the eye). It is also the first LASIK technology to demonstrate improved night vision after surgery (compared to using glasses or contact lenses).

Patients interested in learning more about CATz topography-guided LASIK should call (800) 398-EYES and set up a free evaluation.

Like conventional Lasik, this is an outpatient procedure. You’ll receive topical anesthetic drop and possibly a Valium. Your recovery will be short and relatively comfortable. Most patients are ready to resume normal activity within just a day or two.

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