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Lasek / Epi Lasek

– A Viable Alternative to Lasik

Sometimes Lasik is not the ideal procedure for you. One of the most common reasons for that happens when the cornea may be too thin or too steep for Lasik, or there may be too much astigmatism in the eye. In such cases, flapless lasik, or Lasek may be the solution.


  • Doesn’t require making a flap in the cornea
  • Only the outer covering of the cornea ( the epithelium, or “the outer covering of the cornea” ) is folded back
  • The same Excimer laser used in Lasik is also used in Lasek to reshape  the cornea
  • The potential complications of too thin or steep corneas are minimized
  • The incidence of dryness is reduced to a small percentage, compared to lasik, where dryness occurs over 90% of the time.

The only downside to Lasek is that the healing process may be a few days longer, although, as in Lasik, functional vision is back in 1-2 days. All in all, that’s a small price to pay because Lasek allows non-Lasik candidates to experience effective, safe laser vision correction.

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