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Kamra Inlay

By age 45 or 50, we all need reading glasses. The cause is called:

 Presbyopia – An inability to see things up close

  • Corrected with bifocal glasses, or
  • Separate reading glasses
  • Monovision Lasik, one eye corrected for far vision; the other for near vision

The KAMRA Inlay produces sharp near vision. Approved in 2015 by the FDA,it is now an alternative to Monovision Lasik. Before Dr. Yaldo inserts the KAMRA Inlay, he corrects far vision with Custom Lasik, which provides 20-20 vision or better. He then places the Inlay on the cornea of one eye to provide the near vision element. It’s painless and takes just a few minutes.


  • Microscopically small and thin, just 1/6th inch in diameter
  • Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, it’s a mini-ring with an opening in the center
  • Sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea
  • Is placed in only one eye, allowing close vision while maintaining distance vision in both eyes
  • Working together, the eyes allow you to see at all distances.


This short video will further explain it:

It’s a wonderful solution to the unfortunate reality of that ageless reality of the human condition: Presbyopia.

Here are some facts and expectations:

  • Procedure time: about 10 minutes per eye
  • Typical results: significantly clearer vision at all distances without glasses or contact lenses
  • Recovery time: several days to several weeks

Call the Yaldo Eye Center at 1-800-398-EYES to get a free evaluation to see if the KAMRA Inlay is right for you.

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