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Otherwise known as Multifocal lasik

PresbyLasik is an advanced vision correction procedure for people who can still see well at a distance, but with advancing age need help with their close vision.

PresbyLasik is a type of laser vision correction that changes the shape of the cornea to correct both near and far vision.

  • It is also called Multifocal Lasik, Bifocal Lasik, or Lasik for Presbyopia
  • Preserves distance vision while also improving how well you see up close. Unlike Monovision, people see better far and up close in both eyes
  • Changes the shape of your cornea to create corrections on multiple focal levels

In PresbyLasik, laser energy accurately reshapes the eye’s clear surface into different zones. The laser light is bent or refracted differently in each zone so that both near and distance vision can be achieved simultaneously.

Like Lasik is a short, effectively painless procedure with a quick recovery. Most patients are ready to resume normal activity in just a day.

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