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Which Refractive Surgery For Large Pupils?


I have very poor vision that has required me to wear contacts for over a decade. As such, I would like to get refractive surgery to correct my vision. Unfortunately, my pupils are very large (8-9mm in low light conditions). As such, I am very worried about getting glares or halos if I have my eyes corrected with LASIK or ICL or some other surgery. Is there a “best” refractive option for people who have large pupils?

It would be very important to know both your current prescription, and your corneal thickness in order to better advise you regarding what procedure might be best for you. All refractive procedures, including the ICL, have a risk of night side effects such as glare, halos and starburst. If your corneas are relatively thick and your prescription mild to moderate, you would likely be best off getting wavefront (custom) LASIK to help address high order aberrations, which are a root cause of night side effects.

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