Answers to Your Monovision Lasik Questions

August 14, 2018
Answers to Your Monovision Lasik Questions

In this article we will discuss answers to your Monovision Lasik questions. Monovision is form of Lasik that involves making one eye work better at distance and one eye better up close. Monovision is performed exactly like traditional Lasik where Dr. Yaldo cuts a flap in the cornea and fires a laser into the eye to manipulate the structure of the eye in order to correct refractive error. The difference with Monovision is that each eye is set to a different refractive prescription. One eye is made to perform for distance and the other is made to perform up close. The combination creates a synergistic effect between the eyes that allows you to see up close and at distance with crystal clear accuracy and get rid of your irritating glasses or contact lenses.

With Monovision Lasik you no longer have to worry about putting your contacts in every morning and taking them off after a long night out, just like traditional Michigan Lasik eye surgery. You can live an active lifestyle that is 100% free of corrective eyewear and allows you to fully express yourself to the fullest every single day.


The Best Candidates for Monovision Lasik

You are no longer in your twenties but you still haven’t reached your fifties. As a matter of fact, you are still at an age where you are very active and corrective eyewear such as glasses and contact lenses are a burden to your lifestyle. Despite these factors, your vision is keeping up to par with your lifestyle for some reason and you are looking to take care of the issue. Maybe you have to look at a little closer to the menu when you are out a restaurant or it takes you an extra second to read a text message on your phone, maybe you even need to squint a bit. You may even wear contact lenses or glasses to help curb the discomfort but they are just becoming impractical. You have done research into Lasik and may even consulted with a Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialist but you aren’t sure if it’s the right option for you.

If the scenario above sounds like your life than you may be dealing with an issue known as presbyopia. This common condition causes you to lose your once powerful vision focus ability that allowed you to clearly see objects up close and read small text such as that on a menu or on your smartphone. This condition will also affect your distance vision as it will make you less able to focus on objects at a distance and read things such as street signs from far away.


Monovision Lasik is The Best of Both Worlds.

The Monovision technique is often considered “the best of both worlds” by many Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialist. The technique has been practiced for decades and has earned an amazing reputation in the Lasik community. While traditional Lasik, may leave some people using reading glasses for up close vision, Monovision treats both distance and near vision in one miraculous procedure. With Monovision Lasik, you no longer need to use separate glasses to accommodate distance and up close vision as your eyes will work synergistically to see at any distance.

Many people are hesitant when they are first introduced to the concept of Monovision Lasik. The idea that one eye will see up close and one eye will see at a distance may sound unnatural, uncomfortable or even inefficient. Well, luckily there is a way for you to see if you will enjoy the benefits of Monovision before committing to an actual procedure. This test is called a “Monovison Trial” and involves wearing either glasses or contact lenses that are set to the same differing prescriptions as a procedure will set your eyes to. This trial allows your brain to adjust to the synergistic effects of Monovision and lets you experience first-hand, how your vision will perform after the procedure. Most patients really love the experience and opt for the full procedure, although some patients find that they don’t really like the way their vision works and opt for the standard Lasik procedure or even a Custom CATz Lasik procedure. 


The Next Step to Sharper Vision

If you are tired of your aging ayes getting in the way of your active lifestyle than its time you visit the vision solutions experts at Yaldo Eye Center today for a FREE Lasik Consultation to discuss your needs and provide more in-depth answers to your Monovision Lasik questions. The Michigan Lasik surgery experts at Yaldo Eye Center will work with you to determine if Monovision Lasik is the most sensible option for you and will help thoroughly educate you on all the vast range of treatment options available. Yaldo Eye Center utilizes the world’s most cutting edge technology in laser vision correction to restore the crystal clear vision of your youth and allow you to live your life to the fullest. For more Answers to Your Monovision Lasik Questions call Yaldo Eye center today!

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