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Multifocal Implants in Michigan

Advanced Vision Correction for Aging Eyes

With age, we begin to have problems seeing things close up. Reading glasses and bifocals can ease the condition but can’t solve it. The good news is, you don’t have to live with the frustration of aging eyes. There are advanced vision correction procedures that offer a dramatic improvement in reading vision. 

Introducing Multifocal Lens Implants / Clear Lens Exchange


MLI’s replace your natural lenses and powerfully restore your reading vision. Distance vision is 20-20 or better in both eyes because of the MLI’s multi-focal capability so they achieve everything Lasik does and more! In addition, you can’t develop cataracts in the future because your natural lens has been replaced! 

Get Rid of Reading GlassesLasik can’t prevent Presbyopia nor can it prevent the onset of cataracts. If ever a miracle solution exists in the field refractive surgery, its Multifocal lens implants.

Dr. Yaldo can correct your nearsightedness and farsightedness by replacing your natural lenses with the new focusing system that allows you to see near, intermediate and far images in both eyes without glasses or contacts. Your vision becomes stable and is unlikely to change over time.

A variety of Multifocal Lens Implants are available, such as Lenstec®, ReStore®, Technis®, and Crystalens®. Our vision experts will assess which option is best for you based on your lifestyle, vision and individual needs. Multifocal Lens Implant surgery is painless. Anesthetic drops numb the eye and an IV delivers medication to keep you relaxed.

Lenstec multi-focal replacement lensesNew for 2023 – Dr. Yaldo is the first Ophthalmologist in Michigan to offer the Lenstec® multi-focal replacement lenses.

For patients looking for a “Rolls Royce” surgery – the ultimate in life-long clarity at all distances – pre or post the onset of cataracts — Multifocal lens Implants is the choice.



Schedule a Free Evaluation and learn more about whether Multifocal Implant surgery is right for you, or call the Yaldo Eye Center at 1-800-398-EYES.

Option 2: Monovision Lasik

Monovision Lasik is an alternative to reading glasses

When we are young, the lenses in our eyes are soft and flexible, allowing us to focus on objects both close and far away. After around the age of 40, the lens becomes more rigid and can’t change shape as easily as it formerly did. Thus, the difficulty of seeing things at close range, called presbyopia. Menus begin to get blurry, low light conditions make reading more difficult, and we can’t stretch our arms far enough to get whatever we are reading to come back in focus

The simplest answer is reading glasses. Unfortunately, we quickly experience the multiple frustrations of losing them or forgetting to take them with us

Monovision Lasik restores your near vision and distance vision by making one eye see up close and the other at a distance. The then eyes work together in unison to produce clear vision. Then, we throw our reading glasses in the garbage and celebrate!



To schedule a free evaluation and learn more about whether Monovision Lasik is right for you, call the Yaldo Eye Center at 1-800-398-EYES or schedule an appointment by clicking here. 

Option 3: PresbyLasik

PresbyLasik is a type of laser vision correction that changes the shape of the cornea to correct both near and far vision. It preserves distance vision while also improving how well you see up close including increased depth of focus. Unlike Monovision, PrebyLasik allows people to see better far and up close in both eyes by changing the shape of your cornea to create corrections on multiple focal levels. Dr. Yaldo is one of a handful of surgeons in the nation that have successfully performed hundreds of PresbyLasik operations.

In PresbyLasik, a custom laser accurately reshapes the eye’s clear surface into different zones. The laser light is bent or refracted differently in each zone so that both near and distance vision can be achieved simultaneously. Like conventional Lasik, PresbyLasik is a short, effectively painless procedure with a quick recovery. Most patients are ready to resume normal activity in just 1 day.

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