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August 14, 2018
Answers to Your Monovision Lasik Questions

In this article we will discuss answers to your Monovision Lasik questions. Monovision is form of Lasik that involves making one eye work better at distance and one eye better up close. Monovision is performed exactly like traditional Lasik where Dr. Yaldo cuts a flap in the cornea and fires a laser into the eye to manipulate the structure of the eye in order to correct refractive error. The difference with Monovision is that each eye is set to a different refractive prescription. One eye is made to perform for distance and the other is made to perform up close. The combination creates a synergistic effect between the eyes that allows you to see up close and at distance with crystal clear accuracy and get rid of your irritating glasses or contact lenses.

With Monovision Lasik you no longer have to worry about putting your contacts in every morning and taking them off after a long night out, just like traditional Michigan Lasik eye surgery. You can live an active lifestyle that is 100% free of corrective eyewear and allows you to fully express yourself to the fullest every single day.


The Best Candidates for Monovision Lasik

You are no longer in your twenties but you still haven’t reached your fifties. As a matter of fact, you are still at an age where you are very active and corrective eyewear such as glasses and contact lenses are a burden to your lifestyle. Despite these factors, your vision is keeping up to par with your lifestyle for some reason and you are looking to take care of the issue. Maybe you have to look at a little closer to the menu when you are out a restaurant or it takes you an extra second to read a text message on your phone, maybe you even need to squint a bit. You may even wear contact lenses or glasses to help curb the discomfort but they are just becoming impractical. You have done research into Lasik and may even consulted with a Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialist but you aren’t sure if it’s the right option for you.

If the scenario above sounds like your life than you may be dealing with an issue known as presbyopia. This common condition causes you to lose your once powerful vision focus ability that allowed you to clearly see objects up close and read small text such as that on a menu or on your smartphone. This condition will also affect your distance vision as it will make you less able to focus on objects at a distance and read things such as street signs from far away.


Monovision Lasik is The Best of Both Worlds.

The Monovision technique is often considered “the best of both worlds” by many Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialist. The technique has been practiced for decades and has earned an amazing reputation in the Lasik community. While traditional Lasik, may leave some people using reading glasses for up close vision, Monovision treats both distance and near vision in one miraculous procedure. With Monovision Lasik, you no longer need to use separate glasses to accommodate distance and up close vision as your eyes will work synergistically to see at any distance.

Many people are hesitant when they are first introduced to the concept of Monovision Lasik. The idea that one eye will see up close and one eye will see at a distance may sound unnatural, uncomfortable or even inefficient. Well, luckily there is a way for you to see if you will enjoy the benefits of Monovision before committing to an actual procedure. This test is called a “Monovison Trial” and involves wearing either glasses or contact lenses that are set to the same differing prescriptions as a procedure will set your eyes to. This trial allows your brain to adjust to the synergistic effects of Monovision and lets you experience first-hand, how your vision will perform after the procedure. Most patients really love the experience and opt for the full procedure, although some patients find that they don’t really like the way their vision works and opt for the standard Lasik procedure or even a Custom CATz Lasik procedure. 


The Next Step to Sharper Vision

If you are tired of your aging ayes getting in the way of your active lifestyle than its time you visit the vision solutions experts at Yaldo Eye Center today for a FREE Lasik Consultation to discuss your needs and provide more in-depth answers to your Monovision Lasik questions. The Michigan Lasik surgery experts at Yaldo Eye Center will work with you to determine if Monovision Lasik is the most sensible option for you and will help thoroughly educate you on all the vast range of treatment options available. Yaldo Eye Center utilizes the world’s most cutting edge technology in laser vision correction to restore the crystal clear vision of your youth and allow you to live your life to the fullest. For more Answers to Your Monovision Lasik Questions call Yaldo Eye center today!

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August 11, 2018
LASIK Post-Op Expectations

LASIK Post-Op Expectations

LASIK Post-Op ExpectationsWhile ophthalmology is a flourishing field that is continuously updated, and LASIK has helped millions live contact or glasses free, there are risks that of course, should be noted.

Glasses or contacts however, are an effective alternative. Many choose to stick to these nonsurgical options. If you do decide to go the surgery route, do your own online research beforehand and always consult the specialists at Yaldo Eye Center for questions or concerns. Before making a decision, also ask about possible surgery complications and outcomes depending on the severity of your prescription.

General Michigan Lasik eye surgery consists of three main steps: the lifting of the thin flap on the surface of the eye, reshaping the cornea with a laser, and dropping back the thin flap so it acts as a sort of natural covering and heals quickly. Along with basic questions for your doctor, make an effort to inquire about the specific technology your surgeon will use for your LASIK procedure. Knowing about recent improvement in laser machines and new eye tracking technology can help you make a fully informed decision about which surgeon is best for you.

Every Michigan Lasik eye surgery clinic may also differ in their technique preferences and level of experience. It is always important to have a balanced discussion with your doctor. While most people respond very positively to the treatment, there are always outliers. It is quite rare, but there are permanent problems that can occur after your LASIK surgery. A study done by the Eye Surgery Education Council reported that less than 1 percent of post LASIK patients end up with long term vision problems.


Some possible LASIK surgery complications include:

  • Problems such as infections, LASIK flap problems, or chronic dry eye
  • General complications that often heal by themselves, such as light glares and halos.

Of course, diseases such as diabetes or other general illnesses can influence how LASIK affects you and may influence complications in the surgery. Make your Michigan Lasik eye surgeon aware of any health issues prior to your surgery. LASIK affects each patient differently and healing rate may be affected by general health.

A study in San Diego followed 312 LASIK patients across the United States. Based on patient reported outcomes, the most common complications after the surgery were dry eyes and halos around light. More than 95 percent of the patients were satisfied with their surgery result, and 99.3 percent could see at least 20/40 or better after LASIK without glasses. Only about 1.2 percent of patients were unsatisfied with their LASIK experience. While some experience small refractive complications after their surgery, they are often too small of errors to need a second surgery. More information on LASIK studies can be found on the FDA website.

To best learn more about LASIK results and to find out more, schedule a Free Michigan Lasik eye surgery consultation at Yaldo Eye Center today.

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August 9, 2018



LASIK, commonly referred to as laser eye surgery, is a type of eye refractive surgery designed to transform the structure of the cornea to annihilate the use and need of glasses and contact lenses in a situation where a patient with chronic myopia (the eye defect that makes an individual see close objects more clearly than distant objects). Lasik is also used to cure hyperopia and astigmatism. LASIK is an acronym for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. Currently, All Laser Lasik is the most common form of Michigan lasik eye surgery.


Patients that undergo LASIK surgery gain immense freedom from contact lenses and glasses. What Lasik patients often overlook are some of the hidden benefits they will receive on a daily basis. These hidden benefits are what makes LASIK especially distinct and makes its effect on patients life-changing.


The benefits of LASIK are numerous and inexhaustible. Let’s take a look at some of its innumerable benefits patients receive when they choose to undergoe a Michigan LASIK eye surgery.


During traditional optical surgeries, eye surgeons make incisions across the eye of the patient which sometimes leave scars, but the use of LASIK for vision correction is usually done without any pain during or after.


Patients who undergo LASIK eye surgery have their vision improved immediately after surgery. Recent research provides an estimation of the success of the surgery; it was revealed that 95 percent of patients who undergo LASIK experience improved vision to 20/40, while 85 percent return to 20/20 vision.


Since the incisions are carried out by an excimer laser, no stitches are required during or after the operation. This makes it the perfect choice for patients as they can resume their normal activities within 24 hours after the procedure.


Michigan Lasik eye surgery costs are variable from patient to patient ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 per eye. With a well thought out payment plan, you can make it work without having to alter your lifestyle. It is beneficial, especially when compared to the opportunity cost of having to buy drugs, frames, lenses, contact lenses and many optometrist visits to manage your refractive error.


By undergoing Lasik, your risk of accidentally breaking off contact lenses is reduced along with the expenses of buying replacement pairs often. LASIK patients usually experience a dramatic reduction in the need for glasses after surgery. When the Lasik is performed by a top Michigan lasik eye surgery specialist, you can be sure that your vision will be crystal clear after Lasik.


The effects of LASIK surgery are always corrective although it may take a few weeks for you to adjust to the new change in vision. Patients undergoing LASIK might be faced with a changing eye prescription, and this is sometimes necessary when there is a slight change with time or when the surgery wasn’t done correctly. For this reason we recommend people choose a qualified Lasik surgeon such as those at the Yaldo Eye Center, rather than a new or unspecialized surgeon.


LASIK surgery allows patients to have a much more hassle free sporting experience as they would have little need to worry about a lense on their eyes or wearing glasses during their game, which creates amazing recreational freedom.


LASIK eye surgery is the only corrective treatment for myopia and other refractive errors with the potential of reducing and eliminating the need for corrective eyewear such as glasses and contact lenses.



LASIK Surgery Benefits For Military Personnel


Clear vision is an essential requirement for those who work in any military or armed forces position. The use of eye glasses can severely interfere with military activities and especially so for those on tour. Many vision solutions have been designed just for those in the armed forces.


For military personnel in service who are experiencing any form of visual impairment, undergoing LASIK would mean increasing the chances of you retaining your job as a military personnel and greatly increasing your safety on the field.


For military personnel who are on tour outside their home country, the chances are that you might not have full access to your optician should your lenses get damaged during training or while on the field. Having Michigan Lasik Eye Surgery will free you from this burden and allow you to train and operate at your fullest capacity.



LASIK reduces allergy symptoms.


Continually having to touch, adjust, and remove your contacts for cleaning can lead to allergic reactions as well as infections in the eye. Visiting a Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialists can free you of these burdens and lower your chances of an allergic reaction.


The usual response to such allergens would be to touch or do something active with your glasses. And this, in the long run, would cause an almost irresistible reactive response to the ever-growing high level of allergy symptoms for such patients.


Those who wear contact lenses are sometimes required to touch their eyes every day to readjust the contacts that have moved out of place, back to where it needs to be.


This procedure is often harmful for your health as germs and other infectious bacteria can affect the eye thereby causing more complications to the patients vision. To worsen the matter, if an individual has bad allergies, the eyes of the individual will begin to itch like never before.


Who We Are

The Yaldo Eye Center is Michigan’s leader in eye care. From the most state of the art lasik technology to cataracts and other vision solutions, the Yaldo Eye Center does it all. Dr. Yaldo began the practice in 1993 and now features 2 locations in Farmington Hills and Garden City. Schedule an appointment today and let the vision experts at Yaldo Eye Center treat your condition. If you are looking for a Michigan lasik provider, who has years of experience with Michigan lasik procedures, look no further. Get the Yaldo advantage with a leading Michigan lasik eye surgery specialist.


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August 7, 2018
CATz Lasik

Dr. Yaldo Brings CATz to Michigan

Dr. Yaldo, of Yaldo Eye Center has introduced the most precise Lasik treatment available anywhere in the world to Michigan, surpassing even the most advanced wave front guided Lasik.

In over 95% of cases, CATz topography guided lasik produces “Super-Normal Vision”, which is defined as better than 20-20 vision! The new topography-guided technology — known as Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone (or “CATz”) — maps the patient’s cornea by measuring nearly 7,000 points of light, versus the approximately 200 points of light measured with traditional wavefront technology. 

While just a small number of ophthalmologists in the U.S. are currently trained and certified to offer topography-guided LASIK, the procedure and related technology have been used widely for more than a decade throughout Europe, Asia and South America. “CATz is by far the most precise LASIK technology available, and it represents a huge leap forward,” notes Dr. Yaldo, a Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialist now offering CATz “I am proud to have played a role in its development over the past several years. I’m also delighted to2 be one of the first surgeons in the nation to offer what is now the new gold standard for LASIK.”

The Most Advanced Lasik.

Topography guided Lasik or CATz Lasik is designed to produce “Supervision” – better than 20-20 vision! The majority of Lasik candidates are ideally suited for conventional or all Laser Lasik. But for those desiring better than 20-20 vision, topography guided lasik is the most advanced option available and the best way to go.

 – Visual imperfections are measured at 200 individual points on the eye

 – Each of the 200 points can be treated individually and precisely

 – Over 95% of patients get 20-20 or better vision.


More About CATz Topography Guided Lasik

The pattern of visual imperfections in your eye is as unique to you as your own fingerprint. Thanks to remarkable new Lasik technology now available to Michigan Lasik eye surgery patients, those seeking state-of-the-art procedures can achieve vision correction that actually exceeds the previously accepted definition of “Perfect 20-20 vision.”

In June 2014, Dr. Yaldo of Yaldo Eye Center was one of the first to perform the new FDA approved topography-guided LASIK procedure, introducing a new generation of laser technology designed to be far more precise and with fewer night vision side effects than even the most advanced Wavefront-guided LASIK.

Dr. Yaldo is the only Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialist routinely performing CATz, a state of the art procedure and the most precise LASIK procedure ever. Only a small number of surgeons in the U.S. are currently trained and certified to offer topography-guided LASIK, or CATz:

 – Visual imperfections are measured at 7000 individual points on the eye

 – Creates a topographic map of the cornea that shows even the subtlest distortions

 – 95% of CATz patients achieve “Supervision” or better than 20/20

“CATz is by far the most precise LASIK technology available, and it represents a huge leap forward,” notes Dr. Yaldo. “I am proud to have played a role in its development over the past several years. I’m also delighted to be one of the first surgeons in the nation to offer what is now the new gold standard for LASIK.”

CATz treats Michigan Lasik eye surgery patients with nearsightedness and astigmatism (blurry or distorted vision caused by irregular curvature of the eye). It is also the first LASIK technology to demonstrate improved night vision after surgery (compared to using glasses or contact lenses).

Like conventional Lasik, this is an outpatient procedure. You’ll receive topical anesthetic drop and possibly a Valium. Your recovery will be short and relatively comfortable. Most patients are ready to resume normal activity within just a day or two.

Patients interested in learning more about CATz Lasik in Michigan should call (800)-398-EYES and set up a Free Evaluation at the Yaldo Eye Center.





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