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Request a FREE Lasik Detroit consultation to see if you are a candidate and find the best procedure for you! There are many different treatments offered at Yaldo Eye Center!

Distance Vision

Tired of having to wear you daily glasses? Lasik can free you from the burden of glasses and contacts so you can get back your active lifestyle, in style!

Reading Vision

As we grow older, our reading vision slowly deteriorates. We offer advanced vision procedures that can solve this inevitable issue and restore crystal clear vision!


Cataracts develop as the natural lens in our eyes become cloudy with age. Cataracts cause blurriness, dimness and other vision issues. We restore clear vision to cataract patients every day!

Yaldo Eye Center is Detroit's First To Offer CATz Custom Topography Guided Lasik

Michigan Lasik eye surgery

Dr. Yaldo was Michigans first eye surgeon to perform CATz, the most cutting edge form of LASIK currently available in the US, significantly surpassing SMILE and other wavefront-guided Detroit Laser eye surgery terms of in visual acuity and recovery time. Read more.

In the majority of patients, CATz custom Lasik results in “Super-Normal Vision”, which is characterized as greater than 20-20 eyesight! The latest topography-guided Lasik technology — recognized as Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone (or “CATz”) — maps the patient’s cornea by utilizing nearly 7,000 points of light, as opposed to the 200 or so points of light used with traditional wavefront lasers such as SMILE.

While only a handful of doctors in the U.S. are currently qualified and accredited to perform CATz topography-guided LASIK, the procedure has been used extensively for longer than a decade throughout Europe and South-East Asia.

“CATz is the most powerful LASIK technology to date, and it serves as an immense leap forward in the world of vision correction,” says Dr. Yaldo. “I am proud to have played a part in its growth over the past several years and I am astounded to be one of the first surgeons in the midwest to offer what is now the diamond standard for LASIK.” – Dr. Yaldo.

Detroit's Leading Lasik Surgeon

Lasik eye surgery MichiganDr. Yaldo has been chosen as 1 of America’s leading Lasik surgeons for 3 back-to-back years by the Prestigious Consumers Research Council of America.

Since graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan in 1983, Dr. Mazin Yaldo has proceeded to distinguish himself as one of Detroit’s leading LASIK and cataract surgeons to date.

As one of Detroit’s most notable eye surgeons, he has completed over 30,000 Lasik cases and over 15,000 contact lens implants. Amidst his many credentials, in June 2014, Dr. Yaldo was one of the first to perform the new FDA approved topography-guided LASIK procedure recognized as Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone (or “CATz”).



Jim Johnson – 104.3 WOMC

Jim came into the Yaldo Eye Center to undergo Monovision Lasik from Dr. Yaldo and was euphoric about his decision. Schedule an appointment today to see if Monovision is the best procedure for you.

Stick – Channel 955 

Stick came to the Yaldo Eye Center to try out the new CATz Custom Lasik procedure which Dr. Yaldo was the first in Michigan to perform. Find out if CATz is right for you with a free evaluation!

Ken Brown – WJR News Radio

Ken Brown underwent PresbyLASIK at the Yaldo Eye Center and had marvelous results. You too can have astonishing results by succeeding Ken and trusting your eyes to Dr. Yaldo

Karen Savelly – 94.7 WCSX

Karen Savelly came to the Yaldo Eye Center and underwent Multifocal Lens Implants, an advanced vision correction procedure that left Karen with the crisp clear vision she has always wanted.

Bobby Mitchell – 104.3 WOMC

Bobby came in when he just couldn’t stand his terrible cloudy vision any longer. After seeing Dr. Yaldo and undergoing Multifocal Lens Implants his vision and his life would never be the same again.

Jim O’Brien – WCXS-FM Detroit

In this interview, Jim O’Brien of WCSX-FM explains how a Mono-vision Lasik procedure from Dr. Yaldo solved both his reading and distance vision problems. Find out if you are a candidate for today!

The Financial Benefits of Lasik

Are you exhausted of regularly wasting money on optometry exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses? After having Lasik by the Detroit laser eye surgery experts, you won’t have to waste another dollar of your hard earned cash on contacts or glasses again!

On the contrary, if you have Lasik after the age of 50, you may need to purchase reading glasses to complement the benefits of surgery, or you may opt for a Clear Lens Exchange, which is a more expensive procedure, but will correct both near and far vision.

Who Are We?

Since its establishment in 1993, Yaldo Eye Center has continued to be Detroit’s top vision center for premium Lasik, Glaucoma treatment, Cataract surgery, and all other vision issues. Presently, Yaldo Eye Center has helped patients all over Michigan and the Midwest through our locations in Farmington Hills and Garden City.

The Detroit Lasik Eye Surgery Specialists

After CATz was Pioneered in Michigan by Dr. Yaldo, it has become the procedure for those looking for the most precise vision correction treatment possible. Patients curious in hearing more about CATz LASIK should phone 1-(800)-398-EYES and request a Free Evaluation at the Yaldo Eye Center today.

Detroit’s Experts In Lasik & Refractive Surgery

Since Dr. Yaldo established the first Yaldo Eye Center, his talents and attraction to the healing power of refractive surgery have fueled his status as a top Lasik eye surgeon in the Midwest. After undergoing years of specialized training, Dr. Yaldo’s status as a master in the area of refractive surgery and vision correction was immediately built and he soon became a leader in LASIK Detroit. 

  • Dr. Yaldo is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist!
  • Dr. Yaldo is an expert in the field of laser corrective surgery!
  • Yaldo Eye Center has performed over 30,000 Lasik Procedures!

Lasik Detroit

The staff at Yaldo Eye Center are dedicated to providing patients with personalized eye care and all the education they need to make an informed decision and have a positive Lasik experience. The Yaldo Eye Center doesn’t merely assist Lasik Detroit patients, but we also treat Lasik Grand Rapids patients and patients from around the country who travel to our office for premium CATz Lasik.

Today, Yaldo Eye Center serves thousands of patients a year to evaluate their vision needs and offer the most personalized yet cutting edge vision solutions to each and every patient. At the Yaldo Eye Center, It is our duty to stay abreast of the latest vision correction procedures to treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), presbyopia, cataracts, dry eyes, and astigmatism.

Lasik Eye Surgery Detroit

LASIK is a very custom procedure that varies from patient to patient and eye to eye. Conventional Lasik (Blade Lasik) can run less than $1,000 per eye, while custom, all laser Lasik can cost 50% or more depending on your vision prescription. This prescription determines how much laser power is required to treat your vision. 

A small number of LASIK patients, like those who have Lasik over age 50 or suffer from a very high degree of refractive error, may need an additional touch up surgery down the road, unless they opt for the contact lens implant procedure.

To discover the costs of having Lasik Eye Surgery in Detroit to improve your vision call 1-800-398-3937 and schedule a Free Lasik Evaluation.

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