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Yaldo Eye Center Is Pioneering CATz Custom Lasik in Michigan

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Dr. Yaldo was Michigan’s first Lasik surgeon to perform CATz eye surgery, the most advanced form of LASIK in the world and recently FDA approved in the United States. CATz is significantly more precise than SMILE and other common Grand Rapids Lasik eye surgery technologies in its ability to correct refractive error and restore vision! Read more.

Most patients actually achieve “Super-Normal Vision”, which is defined as having eyesight more accurate than 20-20! The renowned topography-guided Lasik is known as Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone or “CATz”. The CATz system visualizes and reshapes the cornea using over 7,000 individual beams of light, while SMILE and other technologies use only 200 points of light. CATz is the only 100% customized form of Lasik. The laser creates a custom treatment for every single patient and uses this to produce stunning results.

Only a small number of Lasik surgeon in the U.S. are trained and certified to offer CATz LASIK. On the other hand, the CATz system has been used extensively around Europe and South-East Asia, and is truly the world’s leading corrective eye surgery. Not only does CATz achieve stronger vision than other systems but the results appear the next day! Other systems often take months for the eyes to fully heal and achieve maximum results.

“CATz is the most effective LASIK system available and its technology represents a massive leap forward in the field of refractive surgery,” says Dr. Yaldo. “I am honored to have been big a part in its growth, and I am humbled to be the first and only surgeon in Michigan regularly performing what is now the diamond standard for Lasik.” – Dr. Yaldo.

Why Grand Rapids patients should visit us!

Every single day, patients from Grand Rapids, MI travel to Yaldo Eye Center in Farmington Hills to have the most advanced form of Lasik eye surgery performed by Michigan’s top refractive surgeon. You only have one pair of eyes, and once you have Lasik you can never go back and change your procedure. Grand Rapids patients regularly chose to travel to our office in order the have the diamond standard of Lasik and we invite you to visit us as well!

Grand Rapids Preferred Lasik Surgeon

Lasik eye surgery MichiganDr. Yaldo was nominated as one of America’s Top Lasik Surgeons for 3 years in a row by the nationally recognized Consumers Research Council of America.

Since graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan in 1983, Dr. Yaldo has continued to stand out as one of Michigan and Grand Rapids leading Lasik eye surgeons.

As one of Michigans most notable eye surgeons, Dr. Yaldo has performed over 30,000 Lasiks and over 15,000 contact lens implants. Dr. Yaldo has a passion for eye care and devoted to helping his patients reduce their dependency on glasses and live life to the fullest. Contact us today to schedule a Free Lasik evaluation with Dr. Yaldo.



Jim Johnson – 104.3 WOMC

Jim came into the Yaldo Eye Center to undergo Monovision Lasik from Dr. Yaldo and was ecstatic about his results. Schedule an appointment today to see if Monovision is the right procedure for you.

Stick – Channel 955 

Stick came to the Yaldo Eye Center to try out the new CATz Custom Lasik procedure which Dr. Yaldo was one of the first in the nation to offer. Find out if CATz is right for you with a free evaluation!

Ken Brown – WJR News Radio

Ken Brown underwent PresbyLASIK at the Yaldo Eye Center and had amazing results. You too can have amazing results by following Ken and trusting your eyes to Dr. Yaldo

Karen Savelly – 94.7 WCSX

Karen Savelly came to the Yaldo Eye Center and underwent Multifocal Lens Implants, an advanced vision correction procedure that left Karen with the crisp clear vision she has always wanted.

Bobby Mitchell – 104.3 WOMC

Bobby came in when he just couldn’t stand his terrible cloudy vision any longer. After seeing Dr. Yaldo and undergoing Multifocal Lens Implants his vision and his life would never be the same again.

Jim O’Brien – WCXS-FM Detroit

In this interview, Jim O’Brien of WCSX-FM explains how a Mono-vision Lasik procedure from Dr. Yaldo solved both his reading and distance vision problems. Find out if you are a candidate for today!

The Financial Benefits of Lasik

Tired of constantly having to spend money on glasses, contacts, and optometry visits? When you choose to have Lasik Grand Rapids done by the experts at Yaldo Eye Center you will never have to worry about spending a dollar on glasses and contacts ever again.

On the contrary, if you have Lasik after the age of 50, you may need to purchase reading glasses to complement the benefits of surgery, or you may opt for a Clear Lens Exchange, which is a more expensive procedure, but will correct both near and far vision.

Who Are We?

Since the first Yaldo Eye Center was founded in 1993, we have continued to be Michigan’s top choice for laser vision correction, glaucoma care, cataract surgery, and contact lens implants. To this day, Yaldo Eye Center has restored vision to thousands of Grand Rapids patients, Toledo Lasik patients, and patients around Michigan and midwest America at our eye centers in Farmington Hills and Garden City, MI.

The Grand Rapids Lasik Eye Surgery Specialists

After the CATz system was brought to Michigan by Dr. Yaldo, it has since been the treatment of choice for patients looking to have to most accurate and clear vision possible for the best price. Patients interested in learning more about CATz Lasik are invited to give us a call at 1-(800)-398-EYES for a Free Lasik Evaluation.

Grand Rapid’s Experts In Lasik & Refractive Surgery

Since Dr. Yaldo began offering Lasik, his skill and passion for refractive surgery have fueled his emerging status as one of the most notable eye surgeons in the Midwest. After years of intensive refractive surgery training, Dr. Yaldo’s reputation as a leader in the area of Lasik and vision correction was rapidly created and he soon grew to be a leading provider of LASIK Grand Rapids MI. 

  • Dr. Yaldo is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist!
  • Dr. Yaldo is an expert in laser corrective eye surgery!
  • Yaldo Eye Center has performed 30,000+ Lasik Procedures!

Grand Rapids Experts in Eyecare

The experienced team of professionals at Yaldo Eye Center is committed to providing our patients with 100% personalized vision care. We strive to educate all our patients on the options available so they can make educated decisions and have a wonderful Lasik experience. We don’t only treat Grand Rapids patients, we help patients from around the country who travel to our offices in SE Michigan for Lasik.

Today, we help thousands of people a year understand their eye care needs and undergo the most customed vision solutions available. At the Yaldo Eye Center, It is our responsibility to stay in sync with the latest procedures to treat farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia), presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eyes.

Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Grand Rapids

Lasik costs about $2,100 per eye for the average patient in Grand Rapids. LASIK is a custom surgery that differs for every patient in cost. Traditional blade Lasik can cost less than $1,000 an eye, while custom, all laser Lasik and CATz Lasik can cost 50% or more depending on your eyes degree of refractive error. This amount of refractive error in your vision determines how much power is required for the laser to correct your vision and this determines the price for your surgery.

For questions and to learn more about the costs of Lasik eye surgery for Grand Rapids, MI patients, call 1-800-398-3937 and schedule a Free Lasik EvaluationPatients who want to browse public knowledge on Laser eye surgery and other vision conditions can do so at the Grand Rapids Public Library located below.

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