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Yaldo Eye Center has been a trusted choice for Michigan ophthalmology since 1993. Our team of highly trained Michigan eye doctors provides outstanding care and treatment to patients with vision-related problems. Under the supervision of Dr. Mazin K. Yaldo, the practice offers a full range of treatment options for all eye issues

Mazin K. Yaldo, M.D. – A Leading Michigan Eye Surgeon

When you choose the Yaldo Eye Center, you are choosing Dr. Mazin K. Yaldo, an extremely capable and distinguished eye surgeon. He has been selected Lasik surgeon of the year, three years in a row (2011- 2013) by the esteemed Consumers Research Council and has performed some 30,000 Lasik surgeries and over 10,000 cataract and implant procedures.

The Eye Center of Choice

Yaldo Eye Center has a long list of loyal clients who turn to us for quality services, whether it’s for a simple eye check-up or a more complicated procedure. To ensure that each visit is a positive experience, we make it a point to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of the moment you step into any of our offices.

Our surgical centers use state-of-the-art technology and medical equipment allowing us to provide quality care and exceptional service. Our service does not end after you’ve undergone treatment. We make sure you are recovering well and schedule follow-up check-ups to better ensure that you stay on the path to a full recovery.

Michigan’s Ophthalmology Experts at Your Service

Our team is made of the most trusted and reliable professionals who specialize in laser surgery and advanced vision correction. The ophthalmologists at Yaldo Eye Center are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions, as well as provide clients with the most advanced corrective options that are best suited for their age and lifestyle.

The doctors at Yaldo Eye Center constantly keep abreast of the latest technological and medical advancements in eye surgery and other advanced vision correction procedures to improve their skills and the service they provide.

Dr. Yaldo and the Yaldo Eye Center does not believe in keeping quality services beyond the reach of its clients because of an inability to pay. The Yaldo Eye Center offers extended payment plans with no interest or down payment.

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