Choosing a Good Lasik Surgeon

June 21, 2018
Choosing a Good Lasik Surgeon

Choosing a Good Lasik Surgeon

Choosing a Good Lasik Surgeon is tricky, a Michigan Lasik eye surgeon can help. Correcting your vision with Lasik could be one of the greatest gifts you could do for yourself or a loved one. However, your eyes are precious and it really is important that before undergoing Lasik, you find a doctor that you trust and have confidence in. A good Lasik surgeon can make the difference between having crystal clear vision for 10 years and for a lifetime.

Let’s start with 3 common factors that should never be the reason you select a particular Lasik surgeon. The location of the doctor should not be seen as important although unfortunately it is placed as one of the most important factors in most people’s decision making process. Many people travel far distances to have Lasik done, for a truly experienced doctor will only need to be seen two or three times at most. Choosing a Lasik surgeon based solely on the fact that they are close by can leave you unsatisfied with your results.

Next, is the cost of the Lasik procedure. Remember the old saying, “you get what you pay for?” Well, this saying definitely applies to Lasik and most surgical procedures for that matter. When choosing a cheaper eye surgeon, you can often find yourself at a “patient farm” where you are processed like a package and not payed close attention to. We recommend you choose a Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialist who treats every patient like family.

The third factor we recommend people don’t consider too heavily when choosing a Lasik surgeon is the type of technology used at their clinic. The range in surgical skill for Lasik varies greatly and an experienced surgeon with minimal technology can often achieve much better results than an inexperienced one with the most cutting edge laser. Although, though the newer forms of Lasik do have their benefits; many eye doctors offer two or three Lasik variants. We recommend finding a surgeon who is well experienced and uses the latest technology.

There are several ways you can determine which doctor is the best in your city for you. One of the best qualities to search for in a Lasik surgeon is the ability to accurately assess your situation and advise you if Lasik is even the right choice for you and your current lifestyle. A doctor that takes the time to discuss your options and situation with you is a good indicator that this is a physician you can rely on after your surgery. The last thing you want is a doctor who gives Lasik to anyone who walks in the door without any questions because as we have stated in earlier articles, Lasik is not for everyone.

One should search for a Lasik surgeon who has a solid reputation in their area and has a long track record of successful procedures. A surgeon that advertises in a popular local magazine is not recommendation to put your trust in that doctor, and most definitely requires further investigation before you should place your vision in their hands. In some cases, a Lasik center with a large advertising budget and continuously discounted prices can indicate that the quality of their surgeons and the results of their procedure is not up to par, and this could be a red flag to avoid that center or particular surgeon. We recommend you find a Detroit Lasik Eye Surgery clinic who has a strong reputation for success and a good track record, not ones who advertises on TV everyday. Choosing a Good Lasik Surgeon is tricky, a Detroit Lasik eye surgeon can help.

A good Lasik surgeon should be heavily involved in the entire Lasik process not just show up, perform the surgery, and leave you to discuss care with the nurses. As we mentioned above, A good surgeon will take the time to assess your particular case in extreme detail and discuss it with you for some time before undergoing the procedure. Not only will a good Lasik surgeon perform your operation with care, but they will also do most, if not all of the preoperative and postoperative exam work. A good Lasik surgeon will meet with you personally from time to time to monitor the success of the Lasik procedure after he has performed it. It is common in many Lasik centers that the Lasik patients never see the physician again after the operation has been performed unless they complained strenuously of some particular problem in which only the physician could diagnose. A well experienced Ann Arbor Lasik Eye Surgery clinic will have the physician available at all times to answer patients most simple and complex questions. Choosing a Good Lasik Surgeon is tricky, a Ann Arbor Lasik eye surgeon can help.

The last thing we recommend people consider when looking for a good Lasik surgeon is honesty. It is very important to make sure the physician is completely honest in their overall assessment of the Lasik procedure, and his track record in particular. We recommend that you ask your Lasik surgeon for individual examples of former patients that the they dissuaded from having Lasik and why. Another thing you should ask your Lasik doctor is how many Lasik procedures the doctor has performed in total as well as how many they have done in the last two years. An experienced Lasik surgeon will have performed in the 10,00+ Lasik procedures in their time, with at least 500 of those cases in the last 24 months. Another thing you can ask you’re Lasik surgeon is how many compilations they have had in the past. A complication is when a surgery doesn’t go as planned or the results are not what they patient or surgeon expected. Most surgeons have had complications as many of them are due to random events that were out of the surgeon’s hands, but nonetheless a large number is always a red flag. Choosing a Good Lasik Surgeon is tricky, the Michigan Lasik eye surgery specialists at Yaldo Eye Center can help.

We highly recommend you consider these factors and use the questions above as a starting point to investigate the Lasik centers in your city, and even the top recommended ones in nearby major metropolitan areas in your state. Doing so will be time well invested, and is really the most important and preferably the first step to a clearer future.

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