Don’t be discouraged by Lasik’s common myths!

August 21, 2018

By Eli Zaret, Yaldo Eye Center Spokesman

I’ve met many people who for years have heard and seen radio and TV commercials touting lasik, Dr. Yaldo and the Yaldo Eye Center. Yet, I’m still repeatedly asked, “So, tell me – does it really work?”

I politely nod my head and say, “Of course it does. It’s the very same miracle of modern refractive surgery that we and our spokespeople have always described.”

The “Does it work” question indicates that despite the passage of several decades and millions of Lasik procedures performed around the world, there are still misconceptions and misinformation about this amazing accomplishment of medical science. So, let’s handle a few of them.

Here are some of the common myths and facts about Lasik eye surgery Michigan:

Myth: Lasik hasn’t really improved in the last 20 yearsDon't be discouraged by Lasik's common myths!

Fact: People come to us who can barely see without corrective lenses, and walk away shockingly pleased with better than 20-20 vision. With innovations like Wavefront and Topographic lasers, Lasik has become the safest and most accurate surgery in all of medicine, producing extraordinary outcomes.

Myth: Recovery is painful and lengthy

Fact: Patients are back to work the next day. It is a painless procedure; side effects are typically mild and resolve quickly

Myth: Ophthalmologists who perform michigan lasik eye surgery are reluctant to get it for themselves

Fact: Surveys show that Lasik surgeons are four times more likely to have a colleague perform Lasik for them than the regular population

Myth: Lasik can cause blindness

Fact: Lasik affects only the cornea, the front surface of the eye. Serious complications are rare, and no one has ever gone blind from Lasik!

Myth: Lasik michigan can only correct only nearsightedness, not farsightedness or astigmatism

Fact: Modern day lasers can correct all common refractive errors. For people with extreme vision issues, other surgeries can often correct the problem. Some 98% of all people who seek the surgery are viable candidates.

Myth: Although poor outcomes from Lasik are rare, they also can’t be fixed.

Fact: There are a number of treatment options to improve a less than perfect outcome. Also, side effects like dry eyes are usually temporary and can be successfully managed

Myth: A successful Lasik surgery means I’ll never again need glasses or contacts.

Fact: Lasik patients may need reading glasses by around their mid-40’s because Lasik doesn’t prevent the progression of normal changes in eyes. At that point, there are options to correct that problem, such as Monovision.

Admittedly, the concept of having elective eye surgery is a big hurdle for many people. The irony is that unlike knee surgery or so many others that are many times more severe, painful and may induce poor outcomes, Lasik is one of the safest and with the shortest recovery time.

It’s your decision to enjoy a life free of glasses, contacts and the mediocre vision associated with those ancient technologies. As you think it over, don’t be turned away by any of the myths about Lasik and its remarkable life-changing results!


Posted in News by Eli Zaret
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