Is Lasik Painful? No Its not!

August 31, 2018
Is Lasik Painful? No Its not!

Is Lasik Painful?

Is Lasik Painful? When talking about surgical interventions and more in an area as sensitive as the eyes, it is common for patients to have doubts about how painful Michigan Lasik eye surgery can be. Laser eye surgery does not involve any needle and there will definitely be no burns since the laser beam is really cold.

Refractive surgery with LASIK does not produce any pain, neither before nor during the operation. The postoperative period is so short that it hardly causes discomfort. In a matter of hours, you can begin to enjoy your corrected vision. Many people do not know how Lasik is performed and therefore believe that it is a risky and painful process.

What happens during a laser eye surgery procedure?

Before the surgery

  1. The surgeon, likely Dr. Yaldo, will place ophthalmic drops with anesthetic in the patient’s eye.
  2. The patient’s eyelids will be held with a speculum to keep the eye open during the procedure.

During surgery

  1. The surgeon will expose the patient’s cornea to give it a new shape. In the PRK technique, the surgeon will scrape the corneal epithelium (the thinnest and most superficial layer of the cornea). In the LASIK method, the surgeon makes a flap in the cornea and lifts it up.
  2. With the cornea exposed, your Michigan Lasik eye surgeon will focus the laser on the eye and begin to reshape the corneal structure.

After surgery

If the patient has undergone PRK or LASEK, the ophthalmologist replaces the corneal epithelium and will place a soft contact lens to prevent displacement.

If the patient has been submitted to LASIK, the ophthalmologist will put the corneal flap back in its place and most likely will indicate to the patient the use of protective glasses on their way home. The flap binds naturally with the cornea in minutes, does not merit making sutures. A patient with LASIK will also receive eye drops to avoid dry eye syndrome. If necessary, the doctor will also prescribe a topical antibiotic to avoid any risk of infection.

Is there any pain before surgery?

Patients do not feel any pain before surgery since the first thing the surgeon does is apply anesthetic drops to numb the eye. For some patients, the idea of a clamp on their eyelids generates a little fear and anxiety, and they may find it uncomfortable. If you are one of these patients, the best thing you can do is relax. Remember, thanks to the applied anesthetic you will not feel any pain. If you are very anxious due to this stage of the procedure, your ophthalmologist may prescribe a mild sedative to calm you down.

Is there any pain during the surgery?

The LASIK procedure is usually painless. Anesthesia has a total effect, causing the eye to become completely numb. However, some Michigan Lasik patients may experience a slight sensation of pressure on their eyes while the laser is applied. The laser treatment only takes between 30 and 40 seconds, so any sensation of discomfort will be minimal and of short duration.

Is there any pain after surgery?

Patients have reported various experiences after laser eye surgery. Some patients who underwent the PRK and LASEK technique may experience a mild stinging sensation, while others feel moderate pain. For PRK patients, the discomfort usually ceases after the epithelium has completely healed. For patients with LASEK, the recovery period is shorter.

The recovery process is much easier with LASIK and CATz Custom Lasik because during surgery there is less trauma and the corneal flap heals very quickly.

How not to worry about your laser eye surgery

The best way to overcome any fear or uncertainty that you may have about having surgery is to talk with your ophthalmologist about the circumstances that concern you. Discuss each stage of the procedure so you know what to expect. If you are about to undergo LASEK or PRK and are concerned about postoperative pain, there are many ways in which your surgeon can help you.

You should keep in mind that the best way to prepare for your Lasik eye surgery Michigan is to learn as much as you can about it, including what are the risks and complications and the benefits that are associated with the surgery. Free Lasik Evaluation, visit the Yaldo Eye Center today!

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