LASIK Post-Op Expectations

August 11, 2018
LASIK Post-Op Expectations

LASIK Post-Op Expectations

LASIK Post-Op ExpectationsWhile ophthalmology is a flourishing field that is continuously updated, and LASIK has helped millions live contact or glasses free, there are risks that of course, should be noted.

Glasses or contacts however, are an effective alternative. Many choose to stick to these nonsurgical options. If you do decide to go the surgery route, do your own online research beforehand and always consult the specialists at Yaldo Eye Center for questions or concerns. Before making a decision, also ask about possible surgery complications and outcomes depending on the severity of your prescription.

General Michigan Lasik eye surgery consists of three main steps: the lifting of the thin flap on the surface of the eye, reshaping the cornea with a laser, and dropping back the thin flap so it acts as a sort of natural covering and heals quickly. Along with basic questions for your doctor, make an effort to inquire about the specific technology your surgeon will use for your LASIK procedure. Knowing about recent improvement in laser machines and new eye tracking technology can help you make a fully informed decision about which surgeon is best for you.

Every Michigan Lasik eye surgery clinic may also differ in their technique preferences and level of experience. It is always important to have a balanced discussion with your doctor. While most people respond very positively to the treatment, there are always outliers. It is quite rare, but there are permanent problems that can occur after your LASIK surgery. A study done by the Eye Surgery Education Council reported that less than 1 percent of post LASIK patients end up with long term vision problems.


Some possible LASIK surgery complications include:

  • Problems such as infections, LASIK flap problems, or chronic dry eye
  • General complications that often heal by themselves, such as light glares and halos.

Of course, diseases such as diabetes or other general illnesses can influence how LASIK affects you and may influence complications in the surgery. Make your Michigan Lasik eye surgeon aware of any health issues prior to your surgery. LASIK affects each patient differently and healing rate may be affected by general health.

A study in San Diego followed 312 LASIK patients across the United States. Based on patient reported outcomes, the most common complications after the surgery were dry eyes and halos around light. More than 95 percent of the patients were satisfied with their surgery result, and 99.3 percent could see at least 20/40 or better after LASIK without glasses. Only about 1.2 percent of patients were unsatisfied with their LASIK experience. While some experience small refractive complications after their surgery, they are often too small of errors to need a second surgery. More information on LASIK studies can be found on the FDA website.

To best learn more about LASIK results and to find out more, schedule a Free Michigan Lasik eye surgery consultation at Yaldo Eye Center today.

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