Nearsighted and Farsighted at the Same Time? Not Possible!

June 1, 2018

By Eli Zaret, Yaldo Eye Center Spokesman,

A patient recently asked Dr. Yaldo, “Is it possible to be both nearsighted and farsighted in the same eye, and can Lasik could also cure my astigmatism?

The simple answer is that it’s impossible to be both nearsighted and farsighted in the same eye.  It is like a number being both positive and negative at once.

What that patient needed to hear was that Lasik can cure both near and farsightedness. But let’s try to get at some of the confusion and misperception that creates questions like this in the first place.

  • “Farsighted” means you see well for things far away, or at least arm length and beyond.
  • “Nearsighted” means you see things well that are nearby, while objects farther away appearing blurry
  • “Astigmatism” is distortion caused by a deviation in the eye’s curvature.

One reason for confusion is that medical terms describing farsightedness, such as “Hyperopia” may complicate a patient’s understanding of farsightedness. Same situation when the medical term for nearsightedness, “Myopia,” is brought into the equation.

And when the aging process causes patients to have trouble seeing up close, it gets further confusing when that term, “Presbyopia,” is thrown at them.

Simply, the cause of these conditions has to do with the shape of the eye and how accurately light rays reach your retina through the focusing ability of the cornea.

Another major factor underlying confusion felt by Lasik candidates, comes from a lack of understanding these two definitions:

  • Optometry: the practice of testing visual acuity and prescribing corrective lenses
  • Ophthalmology: the medical science dealing with anatomy, functions and diseases of the eye

In other words, an optometrist is not a doctor, but is a practitioner who prescribes glasses and contacts. An ophthalmologist is an actual medical doctor, like Dr. Yaldo, with years of training to develop surgical credentials and skills.

Unfortunately, some optometrists spread dubious information, such as, “Lasik can’t cure astigmatism.” Custom Lasik at the Yaldo Eye Center easily corrects astigmatism and patients leave the office thrilled with the results. But every client that an optometrist refers to an eye surgeon, is a client that won’t buy glasses.

The bottom line is, don’t get caught up in definitions or discouragement. State of the art eye surgery at the Yaldo Eye Center can solve virtually every visual issue. Get a free evaluation and see better than ever without glasses or contacts.

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