Prescription Glasses

We are the Prescription Glasses Specialists.

The oldest vision technology, eyeglasses, have come a long way since Ben Franklin created the first bi-focal in the 1780’s! Modern day lenses at the Yaldo Eye Center serve a wide range of functionality. We are the Prescription Glasses Specialists in Michigan. Some people own several types of glasses depending on their work needs or lifestyle:



Schedule an eye exam and experience the variety of options available to you.


We carry eyeglasses from these and other fine brands


Vision Insurances accepted for Optometry Services. (Updated February 1, 2018)

BC/BS Vision, Eye Med, Employee Benefits Concepts, Heritage Vision, March Vision (United Healthcare Medicaid Only), Medicaid – Straight, Medicare, MetLife Vision Plan, National Vision Administrations, Spectera Eyecare (United Healthcare/NOT Medicaid), Superior Vision, Vision Benefits of America, VSP (NOT Medicaid).


Please call to confirm your insurer. 



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