Athletes Who Have Had LASIK Surgery

December 14, 2015

Nearly every Sunday in November, football fans are glued to the television, watching as their team battles it out for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Here at Yaldo Eye Center, we celebrate the athleticism displayed by the nation’s top players. We want to point out that some of your favorite football players (and other favorite athletes) may have had LASIK eye surgery at some point in their career to improve their performance. LASIK gives athletes the gift of clear vision without the need for glasses or contacts. In full-fledged contact sports like football, this is especially important.

Here are several examples of athletes who have had LASIK surgery:

One of the most famous football players to have LASIK is Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Stuck wearing contacts since he was 14 years old, Aikman could not even see the big E on the eye chart without visual aids. He underwent laser vision correction in 1998 and his vision improved from 20/600 to 20/20. “This procedure definitely has the wow factor,” Aikman was quoted as saying in a 1999 issue of Texas Monthly.

Tiki Barber is another NFL superstar who achieved incredible vision thanks to LASIK. The former New York Giant had LASIK in 2000, resulting in 20/15 vision. “I think people, in general, feel more confident about LASIK now more than ever,” Business Wire quoted Barber.

Wayne Chrebet, former New York Jet, revealed that LASIK saved his career. Motivated by concerns about the playing conditions and awkwardness of wearing contacts during games, Chrebet achieved 20/15 vision after LASIK. “My eyesight and perfect vision are keys to my success,” he is quoted as saying.

Tiger Woods had LASIK in 1999, at a time when he couldn’t even see the other side of the room (according to his surgeon). “As a professional golfer, my eyesight was just too important to risk. My vision is fantastic,” Woods said in a Business Wire article. He went from being considered legally blind without glasses or contacts to enjoying 20/15 vision and shattering a number of golf records.

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher and four-time Cy Young Award winner Greg Maddux had laser vision correction in the middle of baseball season. Two days after his procedure, Maddux pitched a one-hitter. “I see better now, I know I see a lot wider now,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

NBA legend LeBron James had LASIK surgery in 2007. Sources say the superstar can see the rim and net clearer than ever. King James has won the MVP award an astounding four times since his surgery.

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