How Much does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Michigan?

1 July 17, 2018

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Worth the Cost?

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Worth the Cost?If you were asked what the best purchase you ever made was, would you know the answer? For many, believe it or not, it’s Lasik!

So, is Lasik really worth the cost? Well, that really depends on your values and priorities. Everyone has different ideas about life and what they are willing to spend their hard earned money on. It also depends on your lifestyle, for example, an Olympic athlete is going to see more value in getting rid of  glasses than a librarian simply because they are more of a burden to them.\

At the Yaldo Eye Center, we offer FREE Consultations for anyone looking to get Lasik for the first time. We offer the most cutting Lasik technique available in the world known as CATz, as well as multiple other treatments to get rid of your glasses and restore the crystal clear vision you deserve.


The biggest pro to undergoing Lasik surgery for many people is a boost of confidence. It may sound foolish but many people feel significantly more confident when they get rid of their glasses and can better show off their clear face. Not having to wear glasses can make many people feel more attractive and more like themselves. Can a price tag be put on that? No way.

Another major benefit to having Lasik surgery is that you can see clearly. That may seem obvious, but rather than waking up to a blurry and fuzzy world until you slip your glasses on or put your contacts in, you can wake up see clearly immediately. After undergoing Lasik your vision is no longer assisted by a handicap like glasses or contacts anymore, rather you can naturally see clearly 100% of the time, even in the shower. In the extremely visual world we live in today, this ability to see clearly at all times is extremely convenient.

Nobody likes spending money on glasses and contact lenses, period. After having Lasik surgery, you will never need to spend a dollar on glasses or contacts for a very long time if ever again. On the contrary, if you have Lasik after the age of 50, you may need to purchase reading glasses to complement the benefits of surgery, or you may opt for a Clear Lens Exchange, which is a more expensive procedure, but will correct both near and far vision.

Another benefit to Lasik is practicality. Running, hiking, and working out is a great experience after Lasik due to the fact that you no longer have to worry about your glasses getting away, falling or even losing a contact lens. After undergoing Lasik, you can come home after a long night out and no longer have to worry about taking your contact lenses out before going to sleep. The number of situations that are significantly less stressful after undergoing Lasik is more than most can count.

All of the “life enhancement” benefits above will be valued differently by everyone but most will agree that they are all very valuable pros to undergoing Lasik. Choosing an experienced Lasik eye surgery Michigan specialist will ensure that you have the best possible experience and never have to deal with many of the cons stated below.


As with any surgical procedure, there are some potential complications to Lasik:

Dry and itchy eyes, eye flap complications, infections, and slight loss of night vision are possible side effects of Lasik eye surgery. Mind you, most of these side effects are rare and are often caused by carelessness of the surgeon or the patient, yet they are still legitimate risks that do not hurt to be considered.

A slight Loss of night vision is one of the more common side effects with Lasik. Certain people may have trouble night driving after having Lasik surgery. According to USA Eyes, this is a common side effect of Lasik that usually goes away within six months post-op. For extra caution, people who require pristine night vision such as members of the armed forces are recommended to go with Lasek, a similar surgery to Lasik that takes longer to heal but often results in no loss of night vision.

Dry eyes are the other most common side effect of Lasik. According to a study published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, the incidence of dry and itchy eyes after Lasik was at 36%. Although this number may seem very high, most experts say that after the healing process is fully complete, long-term dry eyes after Lasik is common in less than 1% of patients, especially if post-op eye care was done correctly.

How Much does Lasik eye surgery cost in Michigan?

The cost of Lasik eye surgery in Michigan is $2,100 per eye, totaling $4,200 for a typical procedure. At Yaldo Eye Center we offer unbeatable financing options to help you save on your Lasik Procedure.

Note that most insurance companies will not reimburse you for Lasik as it is technically a cosmetic procedure. Beware of TV and radio ads that make claims such as “Lasik for $300 an eye!” If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Anyway, you only have one pair of eyes to work with and they are not something we recommend you try to bargain shop on. In order to decide if Lasik will pay off, a few things should be broken down:

How much you spend annually on optometry checkups, contacts lenses, and eyeglasses? This number will vary greatly depending on whether or not you have vision insurance (most people don’t) and how comprehensive your insurance plan is. For some, Lasik can pay itself off in optometry saving faster than expected.

How much are you likely to spend on optometry related expenses throughout the next ten years, and the rest your life in total. (Don’t inflation, which averages around 3%). Calculating this amount often leaves people puzzled as to why they haven’t already chosen to have Lasik done.

One should compare these costs to the one-time cost of having Lasik eye surgery. In addition, these numbers do not include the invaluable price of a significantly more enhanced lifestyle that comes with Lasik.

Safe Ways to Save Money on Lasik

Certain insurance companies have partnerships with specific Lasik clinics and going through such clinic can grant you a reduced rate on your procedure. Before choosing a Michigan Lasik eye surgery clinic, make sure you contact your health insurance agency to see if they offer discounts when you visit a specific surgeon.

It is possible for some people to write off the cost of Lasik on their Federal taxes but we ask that you please speak with your financial advisor or research your specific situation to find out if this is a viable option for you.

Ask your Ophthalmologist if they can offer you any discounts. For instance, many Lasik clinics offer notable discounts on eye surgery to police officers, firefighters, teachers, and members of the military.

For more information on Lasik eye surgery Michigan cost and financing give us a call today at 1-800-398-eyes

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